Chris Liddell

Rep. Connolly blames TMF stagnancy on Congress’ lack of tech knowledge


"You start talking about these issues and many of my colleagues... their eyes glaze over and they want to talk about anything else," said Rep. Gerry Connolly.

White House AI Summit focuses on government as a user of the technology


Speakers shared use cases at the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services and National Institutes of Health.

CompTIA, White House promise 625,000 worker certifications by 2024


The trade association and the Trump administration say they want to improve the skills of hundreds of thousands of IT workers nationwide.

GSA taps former SunTrust CIO as new TTS director


GSA has tapped former SunTrust Banks CIO Anil Cheriyan to lead the Technology Transformation Service as its third official director.

Tech executives convene at White House on AI, other ‘industries of the future’


Officials described the meeting as a "listening session" to develop new ideas around budding industries like AI, quantum computing and 5G.

Democratic House won’t change IT modernization agenda, White House’s Liddell says


“Everything we’ve done in the past two years we’ll continue to do," Chris Liddell said.