Chris DeRusha

Navy cyber defense blueprint; Building the foundation for cyber future


CISA’s David Stern; Dept. of Navy’s Chris Cleary; Federal CISO Chris DeRusha.

White House has moved to zero trust implementation phase: Chris DeRusha


The federal CISO says OMB is working closely with government departments to capture the costs of implementing zero trust in their budgets.

FAR updates that would mandate cyber incident reporting for contractors a year or more away


OMB has submitted two proposals for updating contract language to the FAR Council.

CISA expects most agencies to be deploying endpoint detection by FY23


Officials touted the agency's success as civilian cyber operational lead, during a House hearing Tuesday.

Federal CISO teases idea of a USDS-like program to attract cyber talent


Chris DeRusha says he is toying with the idea of a tour-of-duty model to attract cybersecurity talent to government.

OMB opts for zero trust goals in lieu of impossible deadline


Chris DeRusha says FISMA reform goes hand-in-hand with the draft strategy document.