chief management officer

DOD deputy secretary sets Jan. 1 deadline for transferal of chief management officer assets


Data oversight responsibilities from the now-defunct role will fall to the DOD CIO and chief data officer.

Pentagon’s chief management officer role disbanded


The Chief Management Office is no more, following the enactment of the NDAA.

Pentagon should terminate its CMO position, advisory board says


The chief management officer — the Pentagon's No. 3 position — is "mostly ineffective," according to the Defense Business Board.

Hershman gets official nomination to be Pentagon CMO


Lisa Hershman gets the official nod for the DOD's No. 3 job after many months in as acting chief management officer, a practice now common for the Pentagon top-brass.

Is the Pentagon’s IT leadership about to get murkier?


A new addition to Pentagon leadership created by the fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Act could change the way the department's chief information officer handles the job.