Chief Information Officer-Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4)

Decision in CIO-SP4 protest from Precise Consulting expected by Aug. 10


The complaint, which was filed in May, is the third bid protest complaint to slow down the CIO-SP4 award process.

A change coming to the Coast Guard’s IT Operation; Another CIO-SP4 protest


USCG Assistant Commandant for C4IT (CG-6) RADM David Dermanelian and former Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service Alan Thomas.

NITAAC hit with further CIO-SP4 bid protest 

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It is understood that Precise Federal Consulting has filed a complaint with the GAO.

GAO partially sustains bid protest over CIO-SP4 treatment of large business mentors


The GAO agrees with plaintiffs that the solicitation unfairly disadvantages large companies in mentor-protégé arrangements.

GAO denies Tata bid protest over CIO-SP4 procurement


The IT consultancy argued that it should not be required to disclose commercially sensitive details of prior contracts.

Eight bid protests over CIO-SP4 solicitation yet to be resolved


A total of 21 bid protests have been filed since NITAAC issued a request for proposals in May.