Zero trust begins with smarter password protection


Modern password management remains key to reducing data breaches and cyberthreats, say federal IT executives, in a new video series.

DHS’s Donna Roy named CIO of CFPB


She announced her departure in an email to her colleagues Wednesday morning.

Report: CFPB should assess risks to cloud systems before their deployment


The system went unnamed in the Federal Reserve OIG's evaluation, but it supports the bureau's Consumer Response Call Center.

Gov Actually Episode 21: Inside the CFPB Leadership Standoff


Who is the lawful leader of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

CFPB’s David Gragan on federal IT modernization


Sponsored video: CFPB's David Gragan discusses ways to accelerate IT modernization in government as part of the IT Modernization Heroes series, sponsored by Dell and Intel.

Experts weigh benefits, problems of open data


“We’re seeing a couple instances of conflicting public goods,” Joel Gurin, president of the Center for Open Data Enterprise.