Navy tests manned-unmanned teaming technology with Super Hornets, drones


The Pentagon views teaming piloted planes and autonomous aircraft as a key component of future warfare.

Ready-made commercial solutions for federal government


Technology experts from Applied Insight and Boeing explain how pre-made technology solutions are helping federal agencies with cloud adoption.

Digital-Business Transformation at DLA; Ready-made solutions for federal IT modernization


DLA’s Adarryl Roberts, Boeing’s Chad Beaudin and Applied Insight’s Chris Smith.

Defense industry must buy into open standards for JADC2 to work, executives say


Defense firms will need to play a more modular roles in the military's software-driven JADC2 futuristic concept of operations, top executives say.

Air Force selects pool for $400M ‘Skyborg’ contract for autonomous drone systems


Boeing, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Kratos Defense and Northrop Grumman all will be able to vie for work on the highly networked technology.

Defense secretary announces $171M Silicon Valley initiative


Pentagon contract aims to stimulate new military technology development in the country’s innovation cradle.