HHS IT coordinator researching algorithmic bias and implications for health equity


The office is also working with the CDC on a cloud infrastructure that is intended to improve inter-agency data sharing.

NIST takes socio-technical approach to AI bias en route to management standard


Experts have argued societal values should factor into AI development and use, and new guidance shows NIST has been listening.

GSA won’t use facial recognition with for now


The agency's secure sign-in team continues to research the technology and to conduct equity and accessibility studies.

USCIS pursuing broader data-sharing agreements with other agencies


Existing agreements are often old and fail to account for agencies' need to repurpose and reuse the data.

Civil rights organizations want nondiscrimination steps laid out in NIST’s AI guidance


New AI system initiatives should be reviewed for potentially illegal discriminatory treatment or effects, advocacy groups say.

GAO issues AI accountability framework for agencies


The framework comes as GAO initiates investigations pertaining to national and homeland security and justice that involve AI.