Beau Houser

Census Bureau CISO discusses how cloud will affect zero trust


Beau Houser discusses the agency’s cloud migration journey, and the capabilities on its cloud roadmap that will enable zero trust.

Pricing methodology at FAS; Making edge computing happen across DOD; Cybersecurity at Census


Former Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Alan Thomas; Norseman Defense Technology’s David Hoon; Census Bureau CISO Beau Houser.

The Census Bureau’s move to zero trust begins with the cloud


Until the agency goes from being just another cloud consumer to a primary user, perimeter security will prevail.

Census Bureau hires new CISO Beau Houser


Beau Houser will leave SBA for Census in mid-September.

Should developing cybersecurity talent be the next public-private partnership?


As DHS extends its outreach to the private sector to foster more threat intelligence sharing, it’s also conscious of the high demand for cyber talent.