Air Force to test flying cars in early 2021


The Agility Prime program, which pulls in private investment, is ready for another test of flying cars for military and commercial markets.

Defense Digital Service grows its counter-UAS portfolio, opens DDS West


It's part of director Brett Goldstein's desire to push the group to do more applied work in critical areas.

DOD’s global flight tracking system needs upgrades, Air Force says


On top of creating new software, a contractor would be required to maintain and upgrade existing functions and applications in the DAIP.

FAA ‘overly conservative’ in approach to drones, report says


The agency is saying no to drones more than it says yes, the report suggests, which is risky because of all the promise the technology holds — for public safety, product delivery, inspection of remote assets and more.

FAA rolls out automated system for drone pilots to request airspace


The agency has begun expanding use of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, which helps to integrate drones into the airspace, providing operators “near real-time airspace authorizations”