autonomous weapon

Pentagon identifies early focus areas for autonomous weapons policy update


DOD officials will be focusing on outdated review processes and accounting for new artificial intelligence initiatives.

Pentagon’s autonomous weapon rules might be in for a revamp


A lot has changed since the release of DOD Directive 3000.09, so now, senior officials are considering updates to better suit modern capabilities.

Air Force positions autonomous drones, networked weapon systems as top priorities


The Air Force is asking Congress for more than $100 million in additional R&D funding for autonomous drones and networked weapon systems.

Pentagon unveils strategy for military adoption of artificial intelligence


The strategy emphasizes the "urgency, scale, and unity of effort" needed to make AI transformational both for the DOD and the nation at an operational level.

Hawking, Musk, Wozniak call for ban on autonomous weapons


Tech leaders from around the world have co-signed an open letter to regulatory bodies calling for a ban on autonomous weapons.