autonomous vehicles

Spacecom leader lays out wish list for DARPA-led innovation


U.S. Space Command is interested in new tech to improve domain awareness, vehicle autonomy, maneuver and logistics.

GAO issues AI accountability framework for agencies


The framework comes as GAO initiates investigations pertaining to national and homeland security and justice that involve AI.

Anduril buys small drone company, expanding its innovative tech portfolio


Defense tech startup Anduril Industries is making moves into the drone market with the acquisition of Area-I.

Soldiers getting ‘constant’ practice with new robotic vehicles


The Army is working to ensure that future AI-driven ground systems are built with human-machine trust.

The Army looks to pave way for autonomous vehicles with new AI research


New research in reinforcement learning systems could help the Army make better use of its data and training of robots in battle.

DOD must pay more attention to building people’s trust in AI, researchers say


The Pentagon plans to use AI to assist on the battlefield, not to replace humans entirely. But to successfully pair human and machine, the military needs to understand trust, CSET says.