Ash Carter

Google is making a ‘mistake’ with its AI choices, former U.S. officials say


Ash Carter and Richard Clarke are echoing the concerns that have come from the White House and some of its allies in the tech sector.

Secretary Mattis ready to ‘enthusiastically embrace’ DIUx


"There is no doubt in my mind that DIUx will not only continue to exist, it will actually — it will grow in its influence and its impact on the Department of Defense," Secretary Mattis said while on a visit to Silicon Valley.

Why the DOD is trying to focus more on software, big data


‎The Pentagon's Strategic Capabilities Office is focusing more on software than hardware, and trying to pivot the department to becoming a data-driven organization, SCO Director Will Roper said Monday at SXSW.

Pentagon should have direct access to its systems’ source code, Defense Innovation Board says


Secretary Ash Carter's group of innovators made formal recommendations on Monday, including one to institute a policy on department access to source code.

Three-quarters of DIUx funding under fire in authorization bill


The conference report for the annual defense authorization bill is not looking good for the Pentagon’s startup, DIUx.

Board calls for Pentagon chief innovation officer position


​It's not that there's no innovation in the Defense Department — it's just dispersed in disconnected pockets, making meaningful action on good ideas a formidable challenge, the newly launched Defense Innovation Board said Wednesday.