Artemis program

NASA Johnson Space Center tech chief: agency focused on working with industry to spur innovation


Nick Skytland highlights the approach his team takes to procuring sophisticated leading-edge technology and says this is being similarly applied to IT acquisition.

NASA data platform receives key authorization as CDO prepares to depart


NASA's first chief data officer Ron Thompson says the Enterprise Data Platform is a key part of his legacy.

NASA looks to spur development of commercial satellite services it can use


Slow satellite data transmission hampers the agency's near-Earth science missions, but new constellations promise real-time streaming.

NASA looks to automate data sharing with government and commercial partners


NASA is focused on engineering, operations and safety data, said Chief Data Officer Ron Thompson, who plans to depart in July.

NASA could take months to respond to $2.5B IT contract protest — Leidos CEO


AEGIS is supposed to pave the way for the Artemis Program to put astronauts on Mars, but a SAIC protest put the contract in limbo.

Aging infrastructure the ‘single, greatest threat’ to NASA missions and technology


Artemis Program investments are needed to maintain the agency's technical capabilities, according to one NASA official.