Army Research Lab

DC-QNet consortium director shares new details about plans for quantum network testbed


Additional organizations may be given the opportunity to conduct innovative experiments on the DC-QNet.

Six government agencies launch quantum technology research consortium


The research group is based in the D.C. area and will create a test network for sharing information securely between quantum computers.

DOD grappling with multibillion-dollar laboratory investment gap


Lawmakers heard requests for facility construction and research support during an afternoon hearing.

Army Research Lab’s new ‘autonomy stack’ speeds up self-driving tech development


The Army's autonomous vehicle program got a boost from a new tech stack and business process that allowed for greater collaboration.

The Army has built the largest facial recognition database of thermal images


Thermal facial recognition is particularly important for organizations that run 24/7 operations and don't always have the benefit of sunlight when identifying a subject.

The Army looks to pave way for autonomous vehicles with new AI research


New research in reinforcement learning systems could help the Army make better use of its data and training of robots in battle.