Argonne National Laboratory

Polaris paves the way for Aurora exascale supercomputer at Argonne


The "stepping stone" supercomputer will afford staff and users early access to new hardware and technologies.

Department of Energy expands CyberForce program


The department seeks more cybersecurity talent to secure industrial control systems and operational technology.

Energy awards $28M to 5 supercomputing projects


Winners will research quantum information science and chemical reactions with clean energy applications.

Argonne’s machine-learning work may help ease US microchip shortage in time


A new, closed-loop system for film growth can suggest new experiments all on its own.

National lab’s data tools are homing other agencies’ COVID-19 response efforts


About 20 agencies use the tools to plan their COVID-19 response down to the county and demographic levels, and soon they'll help monitor pandemic recovery.

Energy Department reveals blueprint for nationwide quantum internet


The 17 National Laboratories will form the basis of a system for secure communication using quantum mechanics, expected within a decade.