Application Rationalization

Effective application rationalization eludes agencies


Too often chief information officers lack the data they need to make informed decisions about app inventories.

Maria Roat: ‘Rollercoaster ride’ of 2020 provides CIOs opportunity to modernize more in 2021


"As I look over the next year, these changes really give us opportunities to continue to innovate and challenge the norms and status quo," said Deputy Federal CIO Maria Roat.

GSA CIO: Sweeping app rationalization doesn’t mean IT spend will drop


The agency reduced the number of apps from about 1,800 to 200 in its CRM system alone, but savings will be spent elsewhere, said David Shive.

Which apps should go to the cloud? The CIO Council’s ‘Playbook’ can tell you


It's an accompanying document to the administration's Cloud Smart policy.