airport security

TSA needs to continue testing airport scanning tech after deployment, watchdog says


Things like metal detectors and explosive screeners can lose efficacy over time.

CBP eyes including US citizens in Biometric Exit program


If implemented, the new rule would represent a marked expansion of the system as it currently exists.

TSA moving forward with airport screening system deployment


The agency is also increasing its focus on insider threats and training a division of inspectors focused on pipeline security and cybersecurity.

TSA lines up a facial-recognition proof of concept for Las Vegas airport


It will be the second "short-term" project the Transportation Security Administration has initiated using facial recognition to verify the identity of travelers.

TSA turns to Silicon Valley Innovation Program for new ideas on bag screening


The goal is to find techniques to automatically classify the contents of a passenger’s bag in such a way “that can support future algorithm development for explosives and/or prohibited item threats.”

CBP biometric, face-recognition tech draws scrutiny


For airline passengers entering the U.S. this holiday season, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is using some new tools to streamline immigration security.