From Afghanistan to Ukraine, Pentagon applies tech-centered takeaways amid modern crises


National security officials reflected on how recent global challenges are driving innovation, and new approaches to data.

State Department launching new assessment-based recruitment process for data scientists


State CDO Garrett Berntsen tells FedScoop his agency's Center for Analysis has focused "a lot of energy" on addressing its talent gap.

DISA’s new HaCC office reflects hybrid cloud reality for DOD


By bringing together its cloud and on-premise data hosting functions, DISA is preparing to embrace the changing nature of hybrid computing.

Air Combat Command directs all installations to use Kessel Run base monitoring software


Kessel Run's software to monitor resources at bases is expanding, and was used in the air lift operations in Afghanistan.

DOD IG warns military staff to remove sensitive information from tech in Afghanistan withdrawal


The Inspector General says all personally identifiable information must be wiped from equipment.

Watchdog: USAID e-pay program captures less than 1 percent of targeted Afghan customs revenue


After spending $161 million to help stop customs corruption, USAID officials find their electronic payment system has fallen short of expectations.