Space Force adviser says service may need tailored tech


The Space Force requires the creation of a digital engineering environment for satellites.

DOT agencies adding data leadership while simplifying regulations


The department is using natural language processing to analyze its regulations and measure their complexity for lawyers to refactor.

Marine Corps figuring out where IT-as-a-service ‘makes sense’


When asked about IT-as-a-service implementation, a Marine Corps official said he had “no fundamental issues” with it but still needs to figure out “where it makes sense.”

The U.S. military is trying to figure out how to talk about data


Leaders think the adoption of AI, among other things, will help services learn to talk about and embrace data.

DISA plans for more OTAs after early successes


The agency has three new OTAs coming, including an evolution of the military's joint situational awareness system.

Air Force’s Kessel Run has admirers elsewhere in the military


Other parts of the DOD have noticed the Air Force's success with the agile software acquisition program Kessel Run, and they want it too.