Admiral Mike Rogers

Trump taps Army’s Nakasone as next NSA, Cyber Command head


FedScoop's sister publication CyberScoop reported in recent weeks that Nakasone was the favorite to land the job.

Cyber Command not prepared to counter info operations, Rogers says


The U.S. Cyber Command is not “optimized” to combat information operations orchestrated by foreign powers, its leader testified Tuesday.

NSA cyberdefense chief: ‘I have never been more busy’


The man responsible for leading the National Security Agency’s defensive mission says his team is fielding more calls than ever from agencies across the government.

NSA director wants to make it easier to use offensive cyber techniques


The head of the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command wants to see if in five to 10 years, offensive cyber operations can be fully integrated into the military's "operational tactical level."

NSA seeks pay bump for its ‘high-end, exquisite civilian talent’


NSA Director Michael Rogers recently authorized the introduction of a specially tailored compensation package for the spy agency’s “high-end” cybersecurity workers.

Senators consider splitting NSA/CyberCom director position


A Senate committee favors splitting the two-for-one leadership positions of commander of the U.S. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency currently held by ADM Michael Rogers in the National Defense Authorizations Act for fiscal year 2017.