Raylene Yung spells out TMF’s ‘holistic’ approach to measuring project impact


The TMF chief explains how the fund assesses the direct impact of each project on citizens.

Kiran Ahuja: OPM working to address ‘true angst’ over federal IT hiring inequities


The Office of Personnel Management director says her agency is launching a governmentwide pay band for federal cyber and IT staff and will set up a new office for talent and innovation.

IRS deputy procurement chief says $7.5M ceiling for contracts awarded as part of pilot could rise


The IRS' pilot, phased-funding program has been successful in deploying innovative tools solving agency problems, and leaders hope to expand it.

Census Bureau shares analytics insights, not data, in pilot with IRS


The Census Bureau didn’t want to share publicly provided survey data with the IRS, lest it be used to collect taxes.

Federal CIO says Digital Services Playbook and user research key to CX push


Clare Martorana explains how OMB, GSA and USDS have worked to improve the provision of digital services centered on five core life experiences.

GSA administrator: Biden remains ‘fixated’ on improving customer experience


Robin Carnahan says her agency is focused on continuing momentum from recent federal IT successes including the launch of and