DHS buying personal data from govt contractors pushes Congress to pass legislation curtailing 3rd party data brokers


The Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act would ban the police and government agencies from buying 'illegitimately obtained information'.

Judge directs DHS to forward phone tracking records request to Coast Guard, Secret Service


ACLU obtains a court order to compel DHS to ask the two sub-agencies to produce data.

Customs and Border Protection finishes producing phone records in ACLU phone tracking suit


Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other agencies are continuing to produce records each month.

ACLU wants Secret Service and Coast Guard records included in its phone tracking suit


The civil liberties group is seeking information on DHS agencies' warrantless use of cellphone location data.

ACLU sues for records on facial recognition use by the Department of Justice


The organization wants to know what technologies the agency is using or has considered using.

Lawmakers demand answers on Amazon Rekognition (again)


The lawmakers feel they didn't receive "sufficient" answers to two letters from July.