Red Hat’s Dan Juengst on cloud computing


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Dan Juengst, OpenShift PaaS product marketing, cloud business unit, Red Hat, discusses cloud computing in this interview with FedScoopTV.


“I think there’s been a couple of hurdles that have impacted both the public sector as well as the commercial space in terms of adopting cloud computing. One of them is just understanding the consumption model of cloud computing and how that might change the procurement aspects within the organization that wants to adopt it, whether it’s a private cloud solution or a public cloud offering that you’re going to be taking advantage of. So that’s the first thing. The second is that it really impacts the operational aspects of running an IT organization. Whether it’s in the commercial space or in the public sector, IT has to get their head around doing things a different way with the cloud. You have a whole new set of capabilities, you have automatic provisioning and self-service and elasticity — you really can approach more of a dev-ops type of situation in terms of running IT itself.”

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