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Tanium’s Ralph Kahn on why security depends on an integrated hosting platform

They aren’t the “silver bullet” they once were to deal with attackers, says Ralph Kahn, vice president for federal sales at Tanium, in a podcast aired on FedScoop earlier this month. The sheer number of threat detection alerts makes it virtually impossible to investigate and remediate all security incidents that networks experience today, he says.

But Kahn, a longtime IT industry executive who’s worked for McAfee and EMC before joining Tanium in 2013, also argues it’s crucial for IT organizations to establish an integrated hosted platform, that can provide real-time view of what’s on their networks.

Kahn also describes how automation, using tools like Tanium’s “15-second visibility” platform, has become essential to managing network security. It’s one of the reasons eight of the top 10 banks, and four of the Fortune 10 companies use Tanium.

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