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NSF’s cloud journey; SASC’s version of the NDAA passes

On today’s episode of The Daily Scoop Podcast, a draft watchdog report says at least 148 veterans were harmed during the Department of Veterans Affairs rollout of its electronic health records system.

The Senate Armed Services Committee completed their version of the National Defense Authorization Act Thursday. Todd Harrison, senior vice president and head of research at Meta Aerospace, discusses the takeaways from the SASC’s version, which passed by a 23-3 vote.

The National Science Foundation’s cloud transition has reached its website. Bill Daus, chief of the Research Directorate Systems Branch at the National Science Foundation, tells Scoop News Group’s SVP for Content Strategy Wyatt Kash about NSF’s cloud journey. This interview is part of FedScoop’s “Cloud-Driven Innovation in Federal Government” video campaign, underwritten by AWS.

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