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Modernizing security architecture to strengthen cybersecurity resilience

In a recent FedScoop survey, more than half of respondents indicated that their organization had experienced a network or system outage in the past, and 44% experienced a network or data breach.

Norman St. Laurent, federal public sector marketing manager at Cisco, shares that these kinds of network security incidents are often likely to affect federal agencies because of the size of their networks, the procurement process to update infrastructure, and the hiring challenges within the government to bring on qualified help.

He joined FedScoop recently on The Daily Scoop Podcast to discuss the findings and some takeaways federal leaders should keep top of mind.

“I think that the security operation centers among agencies [are aware of] this, and they’re trying to put tools in place to help detect these kinds of network outages and shortages,” said St. Laurent. “So one thing that needs to happen with these agencies is they’ve got to start thinking of an integrated security architecture approach.”

St. Laurent stressed the importance of building secure architecture using open industry standards and open APIs so that, for example, Cisco network tools can “talk to” other vendor-provided tools.

“Expertise comes and goes with agencies, and to get somebody that knows ‘product A’ and ‘product B’… and how to move efficiently before that talent is gone within two years because of contracts is a real nightmare,” he said.

Building security architecture allows agencies to maneuver to a win-win situation and overcome some talent gaps and funding delays for network security.

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Norman St. Laurent, federal public sector marketing manager at Cisco, has worked for over 30 years in the federal security arena building expertise in computer and network analysis, forensics, design, development, administration, integration, production and operations.