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Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 21 — The looming deadline for the $50B EIS contract

Before the end of September 2022, federal agencies are required to move the entirety of their telecommunications and network infrastructure services to the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract.

As of this August, less than a quarter of agencies had completed 50% of their transition — which they were supposed to have done by March 31, per the timeline of the General Services Administration, the agency managing the $50 billion EIS transition.

Allen Hill, who has been GSA’s point person on the EIS transition, joined FedScoop’s Let’s Talk About IT podcast to discuss what’s in store for the contract with almost exactly a year left for agencies to finish moving services over and details how GSA and the nine EIS vendors are working to get agencies across the finish line.

Verizon’s Lamont Copeland, managing director for federal solutions architecture, also joins FedScoop in the second half of the podcast to discuss how agencies should approach their network modernization goals with the end-user in mind and how they can build security in from the start rather than bolting it on later.

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