Lancope’s Gavin Reid on how federal agencies can improve their threat intelligence

Host Kevin Greene and guest Gavin Reid, vice president of threat Intelligence at Lancope, discuss how federal agencies can improve their threat intelligence, and ways to remove the barriers for information sharing between pubic and private sector. Reid also discusses why detecting lateral movement is so difficult in organizations.

With over 25 years of experience in threat intelligence, Reid has been a driving force in the development of big data analytics and threat identification within the security industry. Prior to joining Lancope, he served in prominent network security roles with Cisco Systems, Fidelity Investments and NASA.

While at Cisco, Reid led a team that developed new data analytics technologies to detect and remediate advanced cybersecurity threats. He also created and led Cisco’s Computer Security Incident Response Team, a global organization of information security professionals responsible for 24/7 monitoring, investigation and response to cybersecurity incidents.

Reid currently oversees Lancope’s StealthWatch Labs Research Team, which conducts in-house research and uses emerging threat information from around the world to help organizations better detect, analyze and remediate advanced security threats.


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