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Insider risks in government; Intersection of cyber and data; New Federal Director of Cybersecurity

Department of Defense components aren’t reporting insider threat information consistently, according to the Pentagon’s Inspector General. Renee Wynn, former NASA chief information officer, breaks down how real the insider threat is and how at risk are other federal agencies. 

The Navy is putting the finishing touches on its new cyber strategy. The Acting Chief Information Security Officer of the Navy Tony Plater says artificial intelligence and automation will be two key pieces. Rob Carey, president at Cloudera Government Solutions and former Navy chief information officer, discusses the connection between cybersecurity and data. This interview is underwritten by Cloudera.

The Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer has a new Federal Director of Cybersecurity. In an interview with Scoop News Group’s Wyatt Kash, Mitchel Herckis explains the comprehensive approach behind executing the vision of the White House’s zero trust executive order. 

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