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Employee engagement and CX; Improving decision-making at USAF; Capitol HIll cyber journey

The Department of Veterans Affairs has an employee experience journey map that takes its people from hiring and onboarding through their careers to separation from the agency. 

Jonathan Benett, technical director of digital government solutions at Adobe and former chief enterprise architect at the Department of Agriculture, discusses how employee experience and customer experience are tied together

At DefenseTalks, Chief Technology Officer at Air Force District of Washington A1 and Chief Cloud Architect at the Dept. of Air Force at Jason Howe explains how his organization is working to create a workforce and digital infrastructure to improve decision-making.

Co-Chair of the Congressional Cyber Caucasus and member of the House Armed Services Committee Rep. Jim Langevin, D-R.I., will leave Congress at the end of his term. At DefenseTalks, Langevin tells DefenseScoop’s Mark Pomerleau about his cyber journey on Capitol Hill.

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