DOD civil strategy has cyber ties

The Department of Defense released its “Strategy for Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities” on Friday that includes a cybersecurity component.

The policy establishes the Pentagon’s priorities in the areas of homeland defense and defense support for civil authorities through 2020 and is consistent with the president’s National Security Strategy and the 2012 Defense Strategic Guidance.

It also links to other DOD and national strategic documents relative to missile defense, space, cyberspace, counterterrosim and the Western hemisphere.

“The Department of Defense’s contributions to the defense of our nation have evolved over the past decade and account for new threats and challenges. Lessons learned from events like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and collaboration with our interagency partners and State Governors have framed our current approach to DoD civil support activities,” said Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs Todd Rosenblum.


He continued, “This strategy emphasizes strengthening our partnerships with federal agencies like the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice, with state and local governments, with the private sector, and with our Canadian and Mexican neighbors – not only for more comprehensive approaches to complex security challenges in the homeland, but also to create efficiencies through collaboration and joint action.”

Strategy for Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities

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