VanRoekel launches PortfolioStat 2.0

U.S. Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel and Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Jeff Zients issued a memo on Wednesday creating a second round of PortfolioStat review sessions with some noted improvements.

The first round of PortfolioStat sessions have resulted in approximately $300 million in savings, VanRoekel wrote in a blog post.

“PortfolioStat will be an ongoing effort, growing each year to incorporate lessons learned and changes in technology,” VanRoekel said. “The upgraded process streamlines agency data collection and improves analytics, consolidates the agency’s strategic IT direction and management improvements into one central plan, and holds agencies accountable for the goals set through last year’s process.”

Under the first round of PortfolioStat sessions, agencies have collected and analyzed baseline data on 13 specific types of commodity IT investments, spanning infrastructure, business systems and enterprise IT. Through this process, agencies identified more than $2.5 billion in spending reductions that could be achieved from federal fiscal year 2013 through fiscal year 2015, VanRoekel said.


“We are committed to continuing PortfolioStat to drive further management improvements, save billions of dollars across the Federal Government, and improve services to Americans through the use of technology,” VanRoekel said.

Noted changes:

  • An expanded focus on streamlining operations and giving federal CIOs more authority over decisions.
  • Instead of simply closing data centers, the memo said the federal government will look to run the ones in operation at a cheaper price, focusing on energy efficiency
  • Consolidates a number reports CIOs had to issue to OMB on a regular basis into just three.

Fiscal Year 2013 PortfolioStat Guidance: Strengthening Federal IT Portfolio Management


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