DHS mobility and ‘workplace as a service’ (VIDEO)


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Keith Trippie, executive director, Enterprise System Development Office, Department of Homeland Security, discusses federal mobility with FedScoopTV.

On trends in federal mobility:

“I view the move to mobility as the move to get information out to the people where they are. One of the exciting things that I see is the consumer market is really driving the trends in new capabilities. The challenge on the federal side is we have to look at it on the enterprise perspective and insure the security and sustainability are there. What’s fun is if you look at the two coming together, you have the consumer-prise where the consumer market and the enterprise are coming together. And I look at the opportunities within the federal government and they are in that space.”

On the challenges of mobility:

“Some of the challenges we have in mobility is the changing dynamic of the work environment for employees, whether you are inside the Beltway or out in the field conducing the mission. It’s changing the way you work and changing the workforce. There are changes in policy we have to look at. There are changes in the way we have to look at in how we deliver those services to ensure we are delivering secure data to our field and our workforce while still doing it in a timely manner.”

Advice for government:

“We strongly recommend that federal agencies look at mobility as a recruitment tool. It is a powerful way to bring in new and innovative talent into the federal government. One of the ways to do that is try some pilots. You’ve got to take some opportunities and collaborate with other federal agencies. Most of us are either piloting or have operation capabilities. At the department, we are launching something called ‘workplace as a service’ that will provide virtual desktop and mobile device management capabilities.”

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