Energy Information Administration adds state data to API

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has added its State Energy Data System annual time-series data to its application programming interface.

The SEDS data library adds 1.4 million data points that summarizes energy production, consumption, prices and expenditures. EIA first launched the API in October 2012.

“Expanding EIA’s API to include important information on state energy consumption, production, and expenditure trends is a crucial enhancement that we are eager to share,” said EIA Assistant Administrator for Communications Gina Pearson. “While EIA has created many cutting-edge tools for the public to explore energy data, our expanded API now gives innovators direct access to state-level energy data to develop their own web and mobile apps.”

Tthe SEDS data provide information on energy trends as far back as 1960 for individual states and for the nation as a whole. For example, when seeking information on gasoline, SEDS allows users to compare states by their total gasoline expenditures and average gasoline expenses per person over time.


According to the agency, state data available in SEDS include:

  • Energy production (crude oil, natural gas, coal, and ethanol)
  • Energy consumption by source and by sector (residential, industrial, commercial, and transportation)
  • Energy costs and expenditures by source and by sector
  • GDP and population

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