Commerce DCIO Dornell discusses career

2013_02_izelladornell Izella Mitchell Dornell (Photo: Commerce Dept.)

Department of Commerce featured Deputy Chief Information Officer Izella Mitchell Dornell on the agency’s blog Thursday, where she discussed her role and responsibilities, her life and career and charity work.

“I learned that there was no substitute for working hard; being prepared; and having an awareness of one’s strengths, a willingness to go toward one’s fears, and—perhaps most of all—the fortitude to acknowledge what one does not know,” Dornell wrote. “My mother often told me as a young child that I can accomplish any goals in life if I acquire a good education, exercise faith, observe the Golden Rule, and not let barriers or obstacles deter me from accomplishing my goals, for “barriers are meant to be broken and success will follow.”


Read Dornell’s full post.

Dornell was featured in FedScoop’s FedMentors video series in 2011:


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