DHS updates information sharing architecture

The Department of Homeland Security has updated its Information Sharing Segment Architecture that will serve as a guide to the department’s implementation and investment efforts in information sharing, Chief Information Officer Richard Spires said.

In a blog post on, Spires said the department has updated to ISSA Version 3.0, which introduces a standard set of information sharing capabilities and the technical capabilities necessary to enhance information sharing across DHS.

“It takes into consideration the continued maturity of the Department and focuses on improving our network of trust, enhancing our ability to securely and efficiently share information with stakeholders—especially the Intelligence Community—and providing information proficiently across the Department,” Spires wrote.

The ISSA serves as the guide to describe and implement the target architecture, of the DHS Information Sharing Environment.


Spires said the latest implementation will enable DHS to:

  • Achieve interoperability through common standards;
  • Identify redundancies and potential technological conflicts;
  • Locate opportunities to leverage and/or collaborate;
  • Identify information sharing gaps and shortfalls;
  • Align technology to mission goals and objectives; and
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of the complete functionality being provided by a specific target or technology for information sharing.

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