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Upskilling government's data talent

The Office of Management and Budget is set to launch a program to train select federal personnel in data science. Launching mid-September, the Federal Data Science Training Program aims to teach up to 60 government employees data science skills like coding, graph analytics, and data visualization and ethics. All 24 Chief Financial Officers Act agencies will receive two to three slots in the program, which will be completely online due to the pandemic. “This is definitely an emerging field, and I think from a federal standpoint … we’re going out and looking for the best talent that’s out there,” said Denis Ortega, a fellow with the White House Leadership Development Program. “And at times when we don’t necessarily have the ability to go out and recruit, we’re looking at how we can develop that skill in house.” Dave Nyczepir has the scoop.

A Message From AWS Educate

With over 1,500 institutions and hundreds of thousands of students who use AWS Educate, we wanted to take you on a trip around the world and highlight how students are learning and innovating with the cloud. Learn more.

DARPA takes on legacy software

Through a $40 million program, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is hoping to find new ways to replace legacy code and decouple it from hardware. A total rip-and-replace isn't always possible for military systems, and that's what DARPA's Verified Security and Performance Enhancement of Large Legacy Software (V-SPELLS) is geared toward. “The goal of the V-SPELLS program is to create a developer-accessible capability for piece-by-piece enhancement of software components with new verified code,” a broad agency announcement for the program states. It goes on to explain that the program is focused on “(re)engineering” legacy software instead of “clean-slate introduction.” More from Jackson Barnett.

GSA moves into final phase of schedules consolidation

The General Services Administration is moving into the final phase of consolidating 24 schedules for products, services and solutions into one Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). Now in Phase 3, GSA will require MAS holders to consolidate their multiple contracts into one per unique entity identifier (UEI) to simplify acquisitions for agencies, contracting officers and the suppliers themselves. “Now we’re entering the ‘home stretch’ of MAS consolidation and focusing on schedule holders with multiple contracts,” Julie Dunne, commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service within GSA, said Monday in an announcement. “During this final phase we’ll consolidate their multiple contracts down to one, making it easier for customers to find and purchase the solutions they need to meet their missions.” Dave has more.


The FCC’s CIO on maintaining agility during crisis

During the pandemic, the ability of FCC’s IT team to keep up with the needs of the workforce at the speed of the crisis was tested. Francisco Salguero shares the FCC’s strengths and weaknesses. While its virtual desktop infrastructure allowed employees to maintain operations remotely, they saw areas to improve its crisis operations plans. How the FCC improves these plans and uses modern tech like AI and RPA assisted tools will show their ability to become “future-ready” to face new challenges. Hear more from Francisco Salguero.


New category of collaboration tools boost workflow management

There is a glut of tools available to increase workforce productivity and efficiency. However, there are boundaries to how much an organization can really gain, and the boundaries are finite, says Smartsheet’s Chris Aherne. A newer form of enterprise collaboration tools called collaborative work management (CWM) is designed to help teams get more visibility into workflow across the enterprise to better manage and prioritize resources. Hear more about CWM tools.

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