National Park Service Seeks IT Director

The National Park Service, part of the Department of the Interior, is looking for an Associate Director for Information Resources.

The position pays between $119,554 and $179,700 per year and will be open for applications until November 28.

From the posting:

The Associate Director for Information Resources (ADIR) has overall responsibility for the Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications program for the Service. If you are selected, you would: 1) maintain awareness and current status of the NPS’s Information Resources Management (IRM) initiatives, priorities, projects, and emerging technological solutions to meet NPS mission customer needs; 2) align the NPS IRM strategy with DOI Information Technology (IT) Transformation Strategic Plan and ensure NPS direction is in concert with the DOI and NPS IRM service delivery model and supports DOI and NPS mission priorities; 3) collaborate with the Chief Financial Officer to assure the information systems effectively provide financial and performance data, and ensure linkage of budgetary and financial systems with program performance, mission accomplishment and administrative processes for information technology; 4) Partner with program and NPS leadership to ensure the Service’s mission level Strategic Plans and operational/tactical requirements are communicated to the DOI CIO for inclusion and optimization in all DOI IT Transformation efforts. Build relationships and create synergies across the enterprise to enable cost-effective and innovative shared solutions; 5) advise the Director, NPS, concerning proposed IRM policies, standards and procedures and senior management of major IRM investment decisions; and, 6) ensure that an information security architecture is in place and operational.

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