NASA Highlights Nebula Cloud Computing Success, Case Studies

NASA highlights success of its Nebula Cloud Computing Platform in a new white paper titled NASA Nebula in Action.

Case studies include Marshall Space Flight Center’s Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) and Goddard Space Flight Center’s NCCS (Center for Climate Simulation). According to the paper. Nebula was used by SPoRT to process Alabama tornado data this past Spring, and by NCCS to develop an iRODS-based data management system related to NASA climate and weather studies.

Nebula, started in 2008, is NASA’s open-source cloud computing project located at Ames Research Center. The program was created as a low-cost cloud computing alternative for NASA scientists and engineers who require additional data processing internally as well as to help share “large, complex data sets” with external partners and the public.

Full paper:


Nasa Nebula in Action

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