NASA Has Liftoff on Google+


NASA joined Google+ November 7 and the results are turning out to be impressive.

After getting more than a 1,000 followers in its first hour, NASA surpassed the 20,000-follower barrier in less than four days. To put that in perspective, it took NASA 469 days to reach that threshold on Twitter and 276 days on Facebook.

In its first week, NASA posted 53 times to Google+, generating 18,854 +1’s, 7,969 shares and 1996 comments. The agency is now the third most popular non-Google page on the platform.


“There are a lot of possibilities for innovation through social media at NASA and this level of activity on this new media platform confirms there is still space to experiment and grow,” NASA Deputy Chief Information Officer Deborah Diaz wrote Thursday on a NASA blog.

As of Thursday NASA had a combined reach of 2,264,854 if you combine Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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