MorningScoop: The Federal IT Budget, CDC Valentine’s Tips, CIA HQ Turns 50

Whew. What a Monday, huh? It seems nothing in Washington creates more of a stir than budget talk no matter what side of the aisle you sit on, but we’ll leave the nitty gritty details of the ensuing partisan battle to the political talkers. What were more interested in is the IT budget that Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel said will remain relatively flat for the third straight year, an obvious trend under the Obama administration and a fairly interesting one to boot.

Think about it: There’s no doubt that the past three years have been an incredibly innovative time for government as there has been a concerted effort to close the gap between the private and public sectors when it comes to technology. Granted, there’s still a gap – the size of which can be debated – but no one can argue it hasn’t been shrinking. And the fact its been done with IT dollars remaining the same (or shrinking relative to inflation) is a marvel and something that to applaud for both those who set the budget and the worker bees that make it happen.

The OMB folks talk budget:


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