McAfee’s Phyllis Schneck on insidious cyber adversaries

Phyllis Schneck, vice president and chief technology officer, global public sector, McAfee, discusses insidious cyber adversaries in this interview with FedScoopTV.


The biggest cyber threat facing the government is that very quiet adversary that hunts for the intellectual property or access to physical or kinetic systems, and looking at our energy or financial systems or transportation, so it’s someone who can do damage by theft or physical damage. These attacks are very, very quiet — they are insidious, they are very hard to detect and they’re often hidden in the noise of things such as botnets and normal viruses and worms. Agencies need to get the best possible return on investment with their cybersecurity and that means enabling their best brains and their best, smart people to focus on those most dangerous adversaries that are looking to cause nation-state damage sometimes and make sure they have policies in place, connected systems that can very efficiently through the use of analytics, understand how to filter out some of the noise in the networks to really see some of the other attacks that can cause harm.

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