McAfee’s Michael Fey on cyber defenses

Michael Fey, chief technology officer, McAfee, discusses cyber defenses in this interview with FedScoopTV.


I think government agencies are in a difficult spot; they’ve got an aggressive attacker that they have to deal with, coming from multiple sources and with multiple reasons, and they have a massive landscape to protect. One of the areas they have to find an equilibrium is how to do I deliver this security posture, how do I improve this security posture and deliver in a fiscal, viable way? If money were no object, it would be a lot easier to harden all of our worlds. I think they have to make these difficult decisions between what is viable for our mission and what can we actually fit inside our budget constraints? Unfortunately, that often is where the divergence occurs – between strong security and issues. The advice I give them is the same thing I give the rest of the landscape: Just focus on where you truly have to protect yourself.

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