Letter outlines sequestration impact on jobs

If sequestration takes effect, the country could see 1.4 million lost jobs, a 9.1 percent unemployment rate and 100,000 new homeless according to a “Dear Colleague” letter written by the Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee.

The letter, signed by Rep. Norman Dicks, primarily focuses on jobs and says the Department of Homeland Security would have to cut 24,500 jobs and the Justice Department would cut 7,500. About 20,000 Head Start employees would lose their jobs while 28,000 teachers and aids would be laid off.

“To be clear: If sequestration takes effect, it is only because it failed to motivate Congressional action as intended,” the letter states. “The across-the-board cuts take effect only because the Joint Select Committee failed, and only if, in the ensuing year, Congress and the President fail to reach agreement on a more sensible deficit reduction plan.”

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