LEDs Light Up National Mall (PHOTOS)

LED lights were installed throughout the National Mall. According to the Department of Interior, the LEDs are expected to reduce lighting energy by up to 65 percent.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar:

“Achieving an economy built on American energy will require an all-of-the-above approach, one that includes safely and responsibly developing our domestic energy resources – and making the most of what we have available through efficiencies. There is no more fitting place to build a model of energy efficiency than right here in America’s front yard, the National Mall, with the installation of these LED lights.”

Energy Secretary Steven Chu:


“Using energy efficient LED lightbulbs is an important way Americans can save money by saving energy. Investing in an American economy that is built to last includes taking advantage of all of America’s energy resources while working to improve efficiency. Installing these energy efficient bulbs on the National Mall is an important demonstration of our commitment to partnering with the private sector to promote energy saving technologies.”


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