Latest DOD bug bounty pays out $80,000

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A recent bug bounty program at the Defense Department exposed more than 100 security vulnerabilities in its travel booking system, earning white-hat hackers $80,000.

HackerOne, a company that has supported bug bounty programs for the Air ForceArmy and the Pentagon at large, ran Hack the DTS (Defense Travel System), which lasted 29 days and concluded April 29, 2018.

DTS is used by millions of Pentagon employees around the world making it one of the wide-reaching pieces of enterprise software in the U.S. government.

“Securing sensitive information for millions of government employees and contractors is no easy task,” Reina Staley, Chief of Staff and Hack the Pentagon program manager at Defense Digital Service, said in a statement. “No system is infallible, and this assessment was the first time we employed a crowd-sourced approach to improve the security aspect of DTS.”

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