Kundra Gives Progress Update on 25-Point Plan for IT Reform

U.S. Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra gave an update to his 25-Point Plan to reform federal IT at an event yesterday with top agency executives, including Office of Management and Budget Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients, Homeland Security CIO Richard Spires and Veterans Affairs CIO Roger Baker.

Kundra says that seven objectives have already been delivered and all but two are on track.

Of note, he says, is the government’s effort to reduce duplicate data and consolidate data centers. The government has already closed 39 this year with another 98 schedule to go offline by the end of the year, a total of 325,000 square feet of real estate of five and a half football fields.

When it comes to cloud computing, Kundra says the administration has identified more than $20 billion in systems that could move to the cloud. The major one seems to be email where 15 agencies comprising 950,000 in-boxes and 100 systems will move to the cloud under a $2.5 billion GSA procurement to be released May 11.


Kundra also pointed out four areas where the administration has focused on improving governance and accountability:

  1. Productized Governance Model: Open-sourced the IT Dashboard and the TechStat Toolkit; trained hundreds of people across government
  2. Turning Around Underperforming Projects: More than 80 agency TechStat sessions have led to accelerated deliverables and improved accountability
  3. Revamp Tracking of IT Investments: Reforming the way major IT investments are justified and monitored to increase transparency and align with modular development
  4. Scaling Across the Public Sector: 38 state and multiple counties have reached out to implement the TechStat model

Full Kundra presentation:

Transforming Federal IT Management

25-Point Plan:


25-Point-Implementation-Plan-to-Reform-Federal IT


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