Kennedy Tapes Give GPO Site Record Traffic


The Government Printing Office’s Federal Digital System recorded a record 140,000 visits to the site over a five-day period last week after GPO supported the National Archives in releasing the post-President Kennedy assassination audio tape recording.

There have been 4.3 million visits to FDsys since the site was launched by GPO in January 2009.


“This is an incredible achievement for GPO and its role as the digital information platform for the Federal Government,” said Acting Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks. “FDsys contains up-to-date collections of Government information and GPO is adding new content everyday. We were excited to partner with the National Archives for the post-President Kennedy assassination recording and look forward to partnering with other Federal agencies in the future to support their information dissemination needs.”

FDsys gives the American people a one-stop site to authentic, published government information. The system allows GPO to receive information from federal agencies in all three branches of government and create a repository for permanent, public access. FDsys offers state of the art search capabilities for users such as: searching by Congressional Committee, a Member of Congress, keyword and date. GPO authenticates documents on FDsys by digital signature. This signature assures the public that the document has not been changed or altered and verifies the document’s authenticity.

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