Just in time for the holidays, GSA auctions off goods


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The General Services Administration is getting into the holiday spirit this season, auctioning off everything from an old helicopter to old jewelry to make an extra buck for taxpayers.

GSA has been shedding some weight by getting rid of excess property in an effort to cut costs. In 2013, GSA generated $97.7 million in sales by selling or transferring 213 of its facilities. According to a blog post by Matthew Burrell, press assistant at GSA, GSA has more than 800 properties moving into the disposal pipeline.

Here are some of the items GSA is auctioning off:

For just a little more than $250,000, you can get a 1984 helicopter aircraft.

2013_12_GSAauct2 Photo: GSA

Thinking of getting a new hobby in 2014? Or maybe a medical degree is in the near future? Just over $500 can get you a state-of-the-art examination table.

2013_12_GSAauct1 Photo: GSA


Need some wood to get that holiday fire going? GSA is auctioning off firewood from felled sycamore and pine trees.

2013_12_GSAauct3 Photo: GSA


Or if you’re looking to get away for the holidays, put a bid down for this item and take a trip down the Potomac or out in the Florida Keys.

2013_12_GSAauct1 Photo: GSA

For those planning on winning the local baking competition this holiday season, splurge on a $75 mixer.

2013_12_GSAauct1 Photo: GSA

Interested in seeing what else GSA is selling? You can check out GSA Auctions here.

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