DOD’s artificial intelligence center wants pitches from industry this fall

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The Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center will take pitches on a range of cybersecurity and AI-related initiatives from select private sector companies in the coming months.

The center says it’s particularly interested in the topics of autonomous cyberdefense; user activity monitoring and attribution; social media and dark web analysis; DevOps techniques; network mapping; and data engineering. The Pentagon is currently accepting applications to attend the meeting and plans to host it in the Northern Virginia area in late summer or early fall of 2019, according to a notice.

The JAIC is the Pentagon’s hub for AI initiatives, and it has worked to get private industry involved in developing military applications.

The meeting’s notice also lists more detailed areas of need that the JAIC is interested in hearing pitches on, including vulnerability identifying, autonomous patching, self-generating code and retrospective and prospective analysis.

The meeting will be hosted by the DOD’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office on behalf of the JAIC’s Cyberspace National Mission Initiative.

Selected companies that present technology matching the DOD’s needs could be selected for pilot projects or experimentation, the notice said.

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